Your profile will be published between the services


This represents all business sector excepting that belongs to the categories of ESCORT and CLUB.


For privacy reasons you can decide not to make your advertisement visible to the public but only to those who have published their own advertisement in This way your advertisement box will be only visible to advertisers within their private back office. Publish in a few minutes and with total autonomy:

  • the ad of your establishment or activity in the Swiss region you prefer
  • a complete description of your activity
  • The image of your establishment or activity shown at the forefront
  • various photo's of your establishment or activity
  • various video's of your establishment or activity
  • by clicking on the image of your box one enters your profile with all information
  • from the profile one enters your website by clicking the reference link
  • in the box, without clicking, all your primary data (category, city, name and phone) will be shown, from which you can be contacted by phone with a simple click
  • you will always be accessible and directly visible by advertisers inside their private menu

In addition you can increase the visibility of your advertisement by purchasing one of the following options:

  • Advertising banner with profile
  • Advertising banner without profile